Product Review: MyProtein Whey Impact Protein

Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 14.54.35

I absolutely love my protein shakes after my gym sessions and MyProtein is my go-to brand. The flavours I currently have in my cupboards are Vanilla, Chocolate and White Chocolate, which I share with my gym partner Louise (check out her blog and youtube). My current favourite is the chocolate shake, it tastes amazing! they all taste great but if you’re a chocolate fan like Louise and I then the chocolate one is for you! I have a shake when I get home from a workout and they’re great because they’re filling which keeps me from snacking on unhealthy things throughout the day .There are so many flavours to try and so many different products,  find MyProtein’s website here!


Workout Of The Week: Russian Twists

Russian twists

Today’s early gym session was legs and abs day which is my favourite routine. I like to work on my core, legs and bum the most because I feel that they are the parts of my body I need to work on and tone up more than my arms and back. One of my exercises today was Russian Twists which work your core. I love Russian Twists because I can really feel it burn and I hurt a lot the next day… So I know its working for me!

I like to use a medicine ball for this exercise rather than a dumbbell or a anything similar because its easier on my wrists (which are pretty weak at the moment, I’m currently living in wrist supports eeek!) and if you’re training with a partner its more fun to work together, passing the ball as you exercise. I will be doing a post soon on partner exercises!

There are so many good core exercises you can do with a medicine ball which is perfect if you have a super busy gym but even better if you workout from home! If you’re looking into getting fit but want to workout at home, a medicine ball should be on your list of things to get. My gym programme is designed for me to tone up and get stronger, I’m not looking to lose any weight so there won’t be many cardio exercises on this blog but every now and again there will be, if anyone has any questions about my routines, my trainer or anything else, please feel free to message me!

Shopping List: Gym Clothing Missguided & Nike

Gym outfit 1

With student loans arriving soon *amen* it means I can order some new clothes for the gym! This week I’ve decided to share this marble theme outfit, I will link each item below. I think its important to look good and feel confident in what you’re wearing in the gym because personally, if i look good, I feel good and therefore I work harder. Missguided have quite a few pieces with marble pattern at the moment in their active range, its all reallyyyyyy nice but I’m trying to stay disciplined!

Active Print Insert Cropped Leggings in White – Find it here

Active Printed Zip Front Sports Bra in White – Find it here

Nike Juvenate Trainers in Grey – Find it here