Rhinoplasty: Who? What? Where?

Throughout my journey so far, I have been all over the internet researching clinics, surgeons, the procedure, recovery, the whole lot! I feel like I know so much more about rhinoplasty then I knew about any subject at school… But that isn’t a bad thing I guess. I spend a hell of a lot of my spare time on google looking for new blogs to read, new clinics to research or on youtube watching people vlog their journeys and I found that this really helped me and prepared me for what Im about to get myself in to!

Lets start with my top clinics (These are in the UK):

1] Transform – Their site gives you so much information, answers all your questions and even have videos of what your experience with them will be like, which I thought was awesome! They also have a TV show on channel 4seven called “Bums, boobs and botox” which I love. Your initial consultation with them is free, as is your second consultation with your surgeon. Their prices for a rhinoplasty procedure starts from £3000 but obviously, the more you want done, the more you need to be prepared to pay more.

2] McIndoe – I came across this clinic when I was researching different surgeons. One of the surgeons I’ve read amazing things about is Dr Paul Banwell and he happened to perform cosmetic surgery procedures at McIndoe Surgical centre, East Grinstead, which happens to be pretty close to where I live now I’m home from uni. Rhinoplasty prices start from £4050 here, but for such a skilled professional surgeon, I’d rather pay more to know I’m in good hands.

3] Harley Medical Group –  Being one of the best clinics and being based in central london, you’re looking at a more expensive procedure. Starting price of £4250. But I’ve heard nothing short of amazing reviews from past patients. With some of the top surgeons in the UK, I will definitely be booking a consultation here!

Ive spent hours and hours on their websites, and this really helped me. You can download/request their brochures for further information, request a call back to talk to someone on the phone if you have questions, or to book your consultations. Another thing I found really interesting and helpful was reading people’s blogs about their journeys.

Here are a few that helped/guided me:

Lulutrixabelle and Rhiannon Langley are my favourite two. There are so many but these two stood out for me and if you’re not a huge reader then at least try these two… now I’m not a huge reader myself and I much prefer to watch a video or listen to someone talk so youtube was my go to thing when I wanted to see other people’s journeys. Im sure some of you will be familiar with youtuber Meghan Rienks (if you’re not, you should be!) Her 2014 vlogmas videos showed her journey through rhinoplasty and it was so good to watch, I’ve watched it an embarrassing amount of times, find it here. Other youtube vlogs I found helpful were:

SecretLifeOfaBioNerd, Allison Wilburn MUA, CosMediTour, Angel Makeup Artist and London Plastic Surgery are just a select few of the hundreds of videos I’ve watched on people’s rhinoplasty experiences. From seeing so many different people’s journeys, Ive learnt that you can’t predict what your recovery will feel like, how much you’ll bruise, if the cast and splint removal is painful or how long it will take for your bruising to go down because everyone recovers slightly differently. But knowing all the different possibilities really helps mentally prepare you for the experience and can help answer some of your questions before you see a consultant or surgeon.

I hope this post helps some of you, if you’re in-between stages, or just doing your initial research. If you want to chat with someone about anything to do with rhinoplasty and your journey then you can always email me or DM me on social media (find in my “About me” section) because I know it can be beyond difficult to handle all this information with nobody to talk to about it. Especially if the only people that know may not be 100% supportive which I know can be the case. If you have any different top clinics, let me know in a comment or email and i’ll check them out!


OOTD | The Shearling Jacket


The start of 2016 has been a chilly one to say the least which has inspired this winter coat post! The shearling jacket/coat is a huge trend at the moment but I couldn’t find one I really wanted anywhere! But then, on one cosy evening before christmas, curled up on the sofa, I found THE ONE… I needed it in my life there and then. Turns out, I’m a very luck girlfriend because within minutes my boyfriend had ordered it for me as one of my christmas presents! (goals achieved)

I found this beauty on Missguided for £68 which I thought was a really good price compared to a lot of the other ones I’ve seen previously but I couldn’t find it on the website anymore to link it which is sad. Its sooooo comfy and the warmest thing I’ve ever owned. Honestly, it blocks out the cold and the wind completely because its fur lined the whole way through! I wear it out all the time, its the perfect casual coat to chuck over a jumper and skinny jeans which, if you know me, you know thats pretty much what you’ll find me wearing on a daily basis for uni etc.

If you’re tied between whether to buy a shearing jacket or not this winter then DO IT, you will not regret it! I want more but I don’t know if I can justify a whole wardrobe of various coloured shearling jackets to my bank account… but I can dream! Below are a few of the shearling coats I’ve had my eye on this winter:


1- Maniére de Voir Women’s Shearling Biker Jacket £75

2 – Topshop Sloane Aviator Jacket £85

3 – Asos Neon Rose Oversized Borg Jacket with Shearling Collar £70

4 – Asos Coat in Faux Shearling with Panel Detail £51

OOTN | London Girls Night


Happy new year everyone! I thought I’d start the new year with a little outfit post for you all. For most of you, the last two weeks has probably been full of partying and celebrations so today’s OOTN is one for a smarter evening out with the girls. This is one of my favourite looks to wear into London for cocktails or a late dinner with friends, its simple, minimal and smart!

I paired my light grey high waisted cigarette trousers with a wrap around white cropped top and strappy heels and finished the outfit with a white envelope clutch. I like to stick to simple pieces purely because I think it suits me better and its what I’m most comfortable in! But if you love a bold pattern or a colour clash then mix it up! For hair and make up I stuck to a messy bun and natural colours on my eyes with a dark nude lip. I think this look would be perfect with a light duster jacket to keep you warm while you go from bar to bar! Below Ive put together some of my favourite Crop/Trouser combinations that I’m loving right now for a smart night out:

LDN night outfits

From left to right;

Outfit #1 – Top from Missguided, Trousers from Missguided 

Outfit #2 – Top from Topshop, Trousers from Asos

Outfit #3 – Top from Missguided, Trousers from Topshop