Rhinoplasty: The Consultations


Hey friends! I wanted to do a few posts to explain the process of my rhinoplasty because there are a lot of blog posts and videos on recovery but not so many on what the consultation process is like…. So from the top! I booked a consultation with transform back in October 2015. I put my details in on their website and I was surprised to get a call from them within MINUTES of me clicking the “book” button which I was super impressed with. I spoke to a lovely lady called Tracey, we had a nice little natter about what I’m looking to change, when I was wanted to do it and what the next steps would be.

I then went up to the New Cavendish Street Clinic in London for my initial consultation with a patient care co-ordinator and I was a little nervous but mostly excited. It felt weird because I was finally starting this process that I had wanted for so long! I met Tiffany, my patient care co-ordinator and she was lovely! She answered all of my questions, it was so helpful to finally meet someone who totally understood what I wanted and why I wanted it. We discussed the cost, possible dates for the procedure and the surgeon she thought would be best for me. Its nice to have a patient care co-ordinator who’s previously had the procedure herself because she knew exactly how I felt and the journey that I was about to go on. I was paired with Dr Lahoud who is one of the best in the business and a top surgeon at Transform! I went ahead and booked a consultation with him for two months time which was in December. I felt so at ease when I left my consultation with Tiffany, I had all my questions answered and I knew I could start to focus and get saving!

On my surgeon’s consultation day with Dr Lahoud, we went through every detail of the procedure and agreed on a realistic and achievable outcome. The whole meeting went really well and I learned so much. First, he had a look at my nose and knew exactly what I wanted done, without me having to say a word! He went over what was achievable and what wasn’t,  possible risks, pre/post op, all of that fun stuff! We decided that he was going to shave down the bridge and refine the tip which is exactly what I was hoping for. He then took some before photos against the wall, front on and profile views so we can compare when I’m all healed! After that, we went through the process from my pre op, to the actual procedure to aftercare and I was totally happy with everything he said.

After that appointment, I went away and saved my ass off for the next few months before FINALLY booking my procedure date at the end of March for May 11th! I was then counting down the days getting more and more excited for the big day to arrive! The next appointment I made was for my pre op, which was one week before by op. Now this is the most simple appointment of the lot. You get weighed, measured and they go through all of your medical records and ask any questions they need. This is also when your official “before” photos are taken which was cool.

The last appointment I had was two days before my procedure date and this was a second surgeon’s consultation with Dr Lahoud. This isn’t something that you have to have but I just felt like I needed to go over everything one more time because it had been nearly 5 months since my first meeting with him. This time I took my dad along with me which was really nice for me to have that support. Apart from watching him squirm at the details of the operation, I think he left feeling more at ease knowing I was in good hands! (Sorry Dad!) After that I had to get home and start packing because I was going to be staying at my mum’s for a week or so whilst recovering. My next rhinoplasty post will be about the big day and recovery so stay tuned for some really attractive pictures of my swollen face 😀

(There are so many things I could talk about when it comes to my rhinoplasty journey. Everything from planning, packing, the big day, recovery, having the cast off… so much! So if anybody wants me to make a video/Q&A type thing then that could be easier… Lemme know!)





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