Currently I am… | Favourites

Hey Guys! We are finally back with another favourites post! Im so sorry I haven’t been able to do one of these sooner, but here we go with this weeks much loved…

Reading: Be Happy – This book is a happiness/wellness class but in book form and its so good! It is written by Robert Holden who has a happiness class that thousands people have been on to rediscover their true raw state of happiness. It is so interesting to read the psychology behind why people aren’t happy anymore and how they are all on a ‘journey’ to find happiness when its still within us, where it has been the whole time. The search is over but the book teaches you to find your true happiness and how to keep hold it. This is a must read, even if you just need a little boost from time to time!

Wearing: Ariana Grande Cat Ears – I am truly obsessed with these, I don’t really wear them out but when I’m at home I wear them all the time. They are perfect for keeping hair off your face while you apply make up and they look super cute with a messy bun! I recently wore them during a garden party that we had at the house and they were so pretty! You can find them on Lipsy’s website under Ari’s collection!

Eating/Drinking: Raspberries – I don’t know what it is about them but at this time of year I get through so many of them! They are so sweet and so good for you, they make the perfect snack in this weather. I have also been putting them in my glass of water with ice cubes which has been a nice little twist on detox waters!

Listening To: The Suicide Squad album – There are SO many good songs on that album so bravo to Warner Bros, Steven Price and everyone involved for putting together such a badass album to go with the film! I already loved the album before seeing the film but now I’ve actually seen Suicide Squad, I love it even more. Favourite song has to be Sucker For Pain!

Scrolling Through: Inka Williams Insta – Inka Williams

Watching: Gina Shkeda’s Youtube – GinsMakeup


20 Things for Turning 20 | Lessons & To Do’s

IMG_2880I’ve taken some time recently to reflect on my 20 years on this earth and decided it was time to do my 20 for 20 post! I’ll be sharing with you all the top 10 things I’ve learned that have helped me in every day life and 10 things I want to achieve over the next few years!

10 Lessons:

  1. Being organised and planning helps me stay productive – Im constantly making to do lists and planning the week ahead. This really helps me stay on top of things I need to do whether thats scheduling blog posts, filming and editing videos, uni work or packing for a trip. Making lists and being able to tick things off reduces my stress levels and its always satisfying to finish a to do list isn’t it?!
  2. Love and listen your body – I mean this in several ways. Body confidence is so widely talked about I’m a strong believer in embracing what you have and seeing it as a gift. Everybody is different and nobody is perfect and we should all be ok with this by now. Empower yourself and embrace what you do have because there is always someone out there who will silently be wishing they had what you have, and here we are not appreciating it… isn’t that sad? But with that, your body is YOUR body so if you want to get in shape, or get that piercing or rock that tattoo then do it! I also mean this in a way that is, your body is an increadable thing and it has its own subtle ways of telling you if something is wrong. I’ve learned the hard way recently that ignoring something that your body is trying to tell you is wrong, doesn’t always make it go away. I have learnt to feed my body what it needs to run properly and that drinking water and exercising regularly can literally change your life.
  3. Appreciate your true friends – Everyone says, when you go to uni you find friends for life and even though i haven’t lived my whole life yet, I never want to lose the little family I’ve made here at uni. Memories made with friends are ones I’ll hold close to my heart for years to come and having these memories are so important to me. Along side that, cherishing childhood friendships are important to. I love catching up with friends from home, rare as these catch ups are! Always cherish your friends, old and new, because its like having another family that can teach you so much and give you so much to be thankful for.
  4. Everything happens for a reason – There have been a lot of highs and lows over the last few years and its been difficult at times but I’ve had to try and see everything as a lesson. I really believe that everything happens for a reason and that the stars aline when they are supposed to. So I keep my mind at ease knowing that if its meant to be, it will be.
  5. Take 20 minutes a day for yourself – When life gets super busy and stressful whether thats with uni or work, I give myself 20 minutes of down time each day. Thats no phone, no laptop, nothing! I can sit down with a good book or sit and meditate for a while and think about life and what I’m grateful for. Its good to be able to switch your mind off from the daily stresses and reset your mind and body so you’re ready for the next day!
  6. Finding your happy place – This year I discovered my happy place. Now funnily enough, I go every year but it was only this year that I realised that this place was in fact the place where I am completely calm and at ease with the world. This is a place I can think of during the tough times but also a place that I can go to each year to remind myself why I love it so much. This place is at our family friend’s hotel in Lesvos, Greece. Outside by the pool when the sun has just come up, before anyone else is there. When it is still and peaceful, full of good energy and a stunning view of the sea and the mountains. Its somewhere that has a special place in my heart and I think everyone should have a special place like that.
  7. Mind over matter – Situations have come up recently, both for myself and for people close to me, that have made me think of this phrase. Overcoming something that has had so much control over you for so long is a very strange feeling and really makes you see how true it is, that it really is all mind over matter. Mastering the art of mind over matter is still something that I’m trying to do but having a taste of what that is truly like makes me so much more determined. Finding something that gives you motivation to push through whatever it is that you might be going through is key.
  8. Do what you love – Starting uni 2 years ago, I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. Throughout the past 2 years I found a passion and I’ve been exploring that field a lot more recently. I got to a point though where I thought I had to find something that everyone else would find cool, or that would sound good when I told people but I soon realised that I wouldn’t be content with life if thats how I did things. I decided to focus on what I love and Im working towards building a career around it which is so exciting for me. It keeps me motivated because I know I’m working towards being able to wake up for work everyday doing what I love.
  9. A tidy space = A tidy mind – Do you ever feel completely scatter-brained and then look around your room and see its just a total mess? I do this all the time. My friends have even said they can tell what mind set I’m in by how much of a mess my room is! If you feel like you can’t think, or if you feel anxious or stressed, stop for a few minutes and tidy the space around you and I promise you it will help. If my room is tidy and organised, I feel so much better and Im way more productive.
  10. None of us know what the hell we’re doing and thats ok – Its true, we don’t. We pay rent now, we pay taxes, we’re surviving on our own and holding down jobs but we don’t even notice the transition. We weren’t taught how to do these things and what they all mean for our future. Most of us don’t even know what we want the future to hold for us. But you know what, thats okay! We’re all learning as we go and thats all part of living and growing as people so just go with it.

10 Goals:

  1. Travel the world – I want to travel and see as much as I can of this beautiful planet, filming it all as I go! I want to be able to look back on my travel films and reminisce when I’m older, its something I want to be able to show my kids and grandkids one day.
  2. Move to San Francisco – My dream “kind of near future” would be to be living in San Fran, making videos/films and living in a beautiful house that I can call my own.
  3. Read more books – I know this is one that I could be easily achieving but I just never do it. I want to read more classic books as well as new ones that have come out recently. I have a list that I want to get through over the next year or so.
  4. Get my own apartment – This is probably a goal for a lot of people but Im so excited to have my first place to myself, decorate it how I want it and to be able to settle down properly.
  5. Make a difference – I have been looking recently into doing something for a charity or multiple charities that I hold close to my heart and I really want to organise something soon where I can raise money for them or help spread awareness.
  6. Make a bucket list and complete it – I was reading Louise’s post today about her bucket list book and it got me thinking about how I haven’t made one yet. I would love to make one and look back one day after I’ve done the last thing on the list and be able to say I’d completed it!
  7. Get back into yoga – Louise and I started yoga classes last year and they were so much fun and we always left feeling amazing (even though we hurt so much the next day) but we got out of routine and stopped going and haven’t managed to get back into it yet. I really want to incorporate it into my weekly routine when I’m back at uni.
  8. Work with/help elephants in Thailand – Now if you know me, you know that elephants are my all time favourite animals. One of my dreams is to go to Thailand and help out at a elephant nursery and make friends with all the baby elephants! I will do this one day without a doubt!
  9. See Ariana Grande live with VIP tickets – I love love love Ariana and there is nobody I would love to see live more than her. Even though I would be in tears the whole time, its would be amazing! I’d have to get VIP tickets though so I could meet her and we could become best friends ❤
  10. Make more films – I know I have been slacking on the film front for a while now but with my final year at uni fast approaching, I can pretty much promise that there will be a lot more films. My final major project will be heavily based around film so stay tuned!

Well there you have it, my 20 things for turning 20! I know this was a super long post with no pretty visuals but I’ve been looking forward to writing this one for a while now! I hope you’ve enjoyed having a read and hopefully its helped you think of somethings that you’re grateful for and maybe given you some ideas on how to make yourself happier and live your life to the fullest! Let me know your favourite lessons and things you want to achieve in your life! Speak soon x


Non-Alcoholic Cocktails | Sweet Elderflower Fizz


Welcome back to the blog guys! Today I wanted to share with you all a new recipe of mine, a non-alcoholic, super sweet, refreshing beverage that’s perfect for summer! My friends and I recently had a cute little garden party for Archie’s birthday (Happy Birthday Boo) and as I’m not a drinker, and Pimm’s was on the menu… I decided to get creative and make my own swanky cocktail. Now I am a huge fan of really sweet mocktails which is why I love this one so much but if you don’t like yours too sweet then I have a few options that you can swap out to suit you! Here’s how its made…

Firstly, lets talk ingredients, you will need;

  • Elderflower cordial
  • Cream Soda (or Lemonade/Tonic depending on how sweet you want it)
  • Ice
  • Mint Leaves
  • Strawberries & Lime slices(or any chopped fruit you like)
  • Mason Jar/Glass
  • Straw (optional obviously)

Once you have all of your ingredients, you can begin;

  • First, get your glass/jar and pour in your elderflower cordial. I like to stick to the rule of one part cordial to 4 parts cream soda but you can use as much as you like.
  • Next, chop your fruit and mint leaves up. Add this, along with some ice, into your glass.
  • Fill your glass the rest of the way with cream soda (or chosen fizz) and give it a stir.
  • Add a straw, or even an umbrella if you’re fancy and there you go!

As you can see, its SO easy to make and it tastes so damn good! I will have more “mocktail” recipes coming soon so keep a look out for those. If you make a sweet elderflower fizz and love it, let me know! I hope you enjoyed this quick little read, I’ll be back later this week with a longer post so stay tuned!

Rhinoplasty Experience | The Big Day & Recovery

Hello guys, here we are (finally) with part 2 of 2 in the Rhinoplasty experience chapter in this funny little life of mine. I would first like to apologise for how long this post has taken, I have no reason as to why… Apart from life just got in the way! I have had a lot of questions since my last post, thankyou to all of you that got touch, it was so sweet! I made a video of my experience too, which I will link at the end, thats A lot more chatty but for now lets go from the top…

So I woke up at 6am on the morning of my surgery, weirdly feeling completely at ease. The only stress I was experiencing was wanting to smash my mac to pieces as it wasn’t uploading a video I needed to submit for a uni deadline! We left around 6.30, overnight bag packed, fresh faced, hair in plaits, all ready for the adventure ahead. We arrived just after 7am and I filled out my paperwork in reception before being taken through to my private room to settle in and get changed in to my gorgeous gown and stylish socks;


When I was settled, it was just a case of waiting around for my turn. Now i’ll be honest, this wasn’t exactly the worst thing considering my room came fully equipped with wifi, a tv and loads of comfy pillows! The nurse came in a few times to do some tests and then Dr Lahoud came in to see me and we went over everything one last time before I went down. Eventually the nurse came to get me and we walked down together to the anaesthetic room where I waited to go into theatre. Walking into theatre and lying myself down on the operating table was by far the strangest experience of my life. Everyone was really nice and before I knew it I was asleep and it was finally time to make the biggest change of my life.

After what felt like 5 minutes, I was waking up in recovery and everything was very loud and I struggled to keep my eyes open. Naturally, being me, I managed to get in another 10 minutes nap before waking up properly. Waking up in that recovery room was a moment I will never forget because a feeling came over me that I can’t fully explain. It was a mixture of relief, excitement and mostly a weight lifted from my shoulders. I had finally done something that I had wanted to do for so many years and I nearly cried. I was wheeled back up to my room where my mum and step dad were waiting for me. Obviously mum got her phone out straight away to take pictures… BUT I wasn’t looking to bad at first! Here is a very happy, anaesthetic filled Demi fresh out of surgery;


I had no pain at all and was starting to wake up properly at this point… I just felt weird because I was completely congested and my voice sounded funny but apart from that I actually felt pretty good. Then, after about 2 hours the bruising started to come out…


My mum went home a few hours later and in that time, I had iced my face a few times and Dr Lahoud came in to check on me and told me that everything went perfectly and he was happy with how it all went, which was good to hear whilst holding gloves filled with ice over my eyes! The nurse came in every 2 hours to check my blood pressure and change my bandage if needed. Then it was dinner time and it was SO GOOD. I even had double pudding because of the princess that I was… Eating was difficult because moving my mouth to chew was a bit uncomfortable but more than that, my top lip was so swollen that I couldn’t move it anyway! It was a very restless night because breathing wasn’t easy and I was waking up every 5 minutes for water because my mouth was literally the sahara. The nurse was also coming in every 2 hours through the night and I just ended up watching a lot of family guy! At 4am the inevitable packing removal took place and I was nervous for this part. I was convinced that it was going to really hurt, but at 4am on no sleep I was past caring. It was nowhere near as bad as I thought it was going to be and it didn’t actually hurt, it just felt like a weird, uncomfortable pressure that was over in seconds. I was able to breathe a tiny bit through my nose after that which was nice but that luxury soon ended! That morning I tried to eat some breakfast but the swelling made it quiet difficult. This was the bruising situation after breakfast;


My dad came to pick me up that morning and as soon as I was given the all clear, we set off home with my bandage supplies in hand. From when I got home to when I went to get my cast off, I just relaxed all week in bed or on the sofa. I was in no pain at all and didn’t have to take a single pain killer which was amazing! I watched the rest of gossip girl and drank a lot of tea and thats pretty much it! Below are my day 3, 4 and 5 post op bruising;

 So as you can see, the bruising got pretty bad and my face got very swollen haha. It all escalated very quickly but it also went down super fast all thanks to arnica tablets and cream!

One week had passed before I knew it and it was finally the day of the big reveal. Getting on the train and tubes with a cast on and black eyes was possibly the most awkward thing ever. I just had to look down at the floor the whole time and hide behind my dad when we were walking to transform through Oxford Street. I honestly wanted to cry, I basically ran there! I wasn’t really nervous at this point, I just wanted the cast off because it was driving me crazy! The most annoying thing was having an itch under the cast and not being able to get to it… but it was finally time to see my new nose and I was beyond excited. Having the actual cast off was a little uncomfortable but wasn’t really painful. It just felt like a lot of pressure. Then it was time to take the stitches out my septum and let me tell you… Ive never experienced pain like it. My eyes were STREAMING but it didn’t last long so I survived haha. But for real, I never want to experience that again, it was like being stung by a wasp in your septum (sorry). When that drama was over, I was handed a mirror and I saw myself for the first time. I stared in silence for a few seconds because I was so stunned by how different I looked. It took me a while to adjust to my new face after knowing my old face for the past 20 years. It was a very surreal time for me but I was so happy already, despite being so swollen and still bruised. When the shock wore off, I obviously needed to take my first swollen selfie to send to the girls and Jack;


As you can see, it was reallyyyyyy swollen at this point but every day after that the welling went down and it looked more and more how I imagined each day. Im going to end this post with a before and after photo. This photo signifies so much for me and means more than I could ever explain. Im already over the moon with my results and I still have healing to do! Thank you so much to Transform for changing my life and thankyou to everyone who helped, supported and looked after me along the way!


Watch the video here