Back To Uni |Staying Productive and Organised


It’s that time of year again guys… Back to uni/school/college! After a long summer of no coursework, it is officially crunch time once again. Get ready to whip out the notebooks because I am here to relieve you of that back to school stress. Today I wanted to share with you my top tips for staying organised and being productive when it comes to school/uni work. When I was in school, there was nothing worse than coming home at the end of the day – exhausted from the utter chaos that is maths and science – and looking at how much homework that I had due in THE NEXT DAY! I always used to leave my homework to the very last minute, sometimes even finishing it in the class it was set by (relatable right?). I got a bit better at this when I went to college, mainly because I was then doing subjects that I enjoyed and was actually interested in. But my time management wasn’t always on point and there was a lot of times where I completely lost motivation. Now, in university, I have finally cracked the code of productive badass-ness. Now this has happened just in time as I’m about to dive into the hectic ocean of dissertation year! So lets get down to it;

  1. To Do Lists & Setting Daily Goals – This is probably the most essential part of my daily routine. Make a to do list for each subject that you have coursework for and tick them off one at a time. If you have things to do for a project, make a to do list for that too and set yourself a deadline for when you need to complete it by. Remember to be realistic with your to do lists though. Setting daily goals really helps me with this if I have a super long list, so I tell myself I need to tick at least 5 things off today for example. Making these lists and setting realistic goals for your work each day will help keep you on top of everything so you don’t fall behind or get caught out missing a piece of work or handing something in late – we’ve all been there!
  2. Plan Your Day – This goes hand in hand with the first point really. Planning your day out will help you schedule enough time to get your to do list completed for that day. It can also ensure that you get enough sleep in the night and this will in turn, help you feel awake and productive for the day ahead. Take a minute to sit and write your to do list for the following day before you go to bed, this will help clear your mind so you can sleep easier as well as setting you up for tomorrow.
  3. Stay Hydrated – This sounds almost too obvious but drink enough water! Staying hydrated is so important for your health in general but will also help boost your energy and concentration levels. Keep a refillable bottle with you throughout the day and just keep topping it up when you can.
  4. Power Snacks NOT Power Naps – This might sound like blasphemy to some of you but napping throughout the day isn’t always a good idea. When you start to feel fatigued and sluggish mid afternoon, when you get back from your last class of the day, resist the urge to collapse on your bed in a heap and head to the fridge instead. Having a snack that is full of nutrition and goodness will give you that pick-me-up the you’ll need to get you through your homework until dinner time.
  5. Taking Regular Breaks – Now this one applies more to college and uni students but if you’re at school and you have a mammoth homework task then this one is also for you! I work from home a lot on my course and I have a habit of powering through my coursework for hours straight, feeling completely dead afterwards. Taking a 5 minute break every hour or so will really help you get through the task easier and stop you feeling like a zombie by the time you finish it. This works especially well when the dreaded deadline is approaching. Take a few minutes to grab a drink, make a snack or just to rest your body before carrying on for another stint. This is also important for your eyes of you’re on a computer or laptop  for a long time.
  6. Motivational Music – I know some people like to work in silence but personally I find that having a good playlist full of upbeat songs helps keep me motivated and keeps the good vibes going! Most of you will probably already have playlists but if you don’t then make one with songs that you are loving at the moment. Not only will this keep you upbeat but dancing and singing along to all your fave songs can make even the most painfully boring homework more bearable!

Those are my top tips for back to school motivation, I hope some of them are helpful for you! If you’re already back at school, I hope its going well and if you’re about to go back then good luck! Make this year the best one yet – Stay cute x


Currently I Am… | Favourites

Reading: Project Becks – Becks is a dear friend of mine from childhood and even though we ended up in different groups throughout school/college, we reconnected a while ago and still get on just as well if not better than when we were little! We have grown to have similar interests and as a fellow blogger, I wanted to mention her gorgeous blog – Project Becks – in today’s favourites! It is based around beauty and lifestyle, isbeautifully written and has some awesome visuals! Please go and check her blog out and show her some love! We have also made a few videos together if yo wanted to check those out: Not My Arms Make up Challenge & The Whisper Challenge

Wearing: Topshop Mini Rucksack – This week’s favourite is a mini leather rucksack from Topshop that I’ve been reaching for EVERY day recently! I have a few different rucksacks but this mini one is the ideal size for everyday. It fits my purse, camera, keys and make up in perfectly and looks really cute with so many outfits. I have DIY-ed mine slightly by adding a patterned ribbon to the handle which gives it more of a unique touch! This bag will definitely be making a regular appearance when I go back to uni.

Eating/Drinking: Detox Waters – I recently purchased a fruit infuser water bottle and I have been loving it! It can be difficult to know what fruits will work best in the water so I’ve been experimenting a bit. My current favourite is raspberries but I will be writing a post soon on different fruit combination ideas and the benefits it has! I simply choose my fruits, add the water and leave it in the fridge over night. This gives the fruit time to infuse the water and get nice and cold, ready for a refreshing start to my morning.

Listening To: Mac Miller ft Ariana Grande – My Favourite Part – Super Chilled, good vibes AND Ariana Grande is in it… It’s a no brainer really!

Scrolling Through: Sam Kolder’s Insta – Sam Kolder

Watching: Marissa Lace’s Youtube – MarissaLace

Multi-Masking | A Quick Fix



Today Im going to be talking to you all about “multi-masking”, its benefits and my current favourite routine. Ive been seeing this new trend around for a while now and finally decided to give it a try myself. I was sceptical at first because I wasn’t sure about mixing the different masks incase it irritated my skin but looking back now I can see how stupid that was for me to think! This is the most logical way to do things!

Lets start with what it actually is. Its pretty self explanatory really, you use different masks on different areas of your face depending on what that section of your skin needs. It is the perfect way to ensure your skin is well balanced and getting all the goodness it needs to remain healthy and glowing. Think about it, different areas of your face can be different skin types right? Mine for example is oily/combination in my T-Zone but sensitive everywhere else… Take a second to think about your own skin and what each section is like? Multi-masking is the ultimate answer to this problem, simply chose a few masks that you need and apply to each part of your face that needs it… It’s that easy!


Ok so Multi-masking 101… Im currently loving this combination in the photo above which is a purifying charcoal and calming clay duo. Quick Fix Facials is a brand I discovered a while ago and I really enjoy using them. Not only are they super affordable but I can actually see the difference in my skin when I use them which is the main reason I keep reaching for them over and over again. They have a whole variety of masks and scrubs for all different skin types and you can find them in most Boots stores.


I start by applying the “Purifying Charcoal Mask” to my T-Zone area using a flat foundation brush to do so. I have found that using a brush is way more effective and hygienic (ensuring its clean before use obviously) and its also very easy to apply the mask evenly over the face. My T-Zone is where I usually get most oily throughout the day and is also where most layers of make up is applied (when using primer, foundation, highlighting concealer, powder etc) so I like to give this area of my face a deep cleanse every few days. This mask contains active charcoal which is perfect for transforming congested and lifeless skin – making this the ideal mask for my T-Zone area. The active charcoal is full of minerals which helps to draw out any dirt and toxins from the skin, leaving it feeling fresh and clear.


As you can see in the photo above, I have covered everywhere I needed the charcoal mask to be. The mask doesn’t have to be too thick but just enough to cover everywhere without leaving any gaps! Now this is where It gets fun. After cleaning your foundation brush or grabbing a new one, you can move on to the second mask.


My second mask is the “Calming Clay Mask” which is typically for sensitive and red-prone skin. As I said before, the rest of my face can get quite sensitive so this mask is perfect for soothing that but I also get a lot of red patches, especially around my cheekbone area so this will help that problem too. Now If you had a third type that you wanted to mask, you would just add that step in after this one and you’ll be good to go! This mask contains oatmeal which is used to to rehydrate and moisturise skin – this can be the cause of some redness and sensitivity. It also contains aloe vera which calms any inflammation in the skin and it also contains chamomile extract which combats redness. So all together this mask is a powerhouse for reducing redness and sensitivity in your skin, which I know can be annoying on a daily basis!


Multi-masking would be really fun with bright coloured masks! This is the finished “look” for mine. Once I’ve finished applying my masks I’ll also apply some lip balm, pour myself a glass of water and I’m ready to relax for a while. I usually leave this on for around 10 minutes and the rinse it off with a flannel and some warm water. Hot water can be harmful and irritate the skin which would undo all your hard work so remember to not make your water too hot!


Thats all for my multi-masking 101! I used these masks as part of an evening routine/get unready with me video over on my YouTube channel which you can watch here. I hope this was helpful for you and I hope you enjoyed reading! Let me know your favourite face masks and remember to head over to my YouTube and subscribe! See you all again soon – Stay cute x

BeYou Mini | Cheeky Bikini Review

**WARNING – This mini bikini really is mini so prepare your eyes for some serious cheek!


I was asked to be a BeYou Mini bikini ambassador a while ago now but living in England, I never had the chance to wear it or to take any tropical, insta worthy pics! I finally got to take it for a spin during my recent trip to Greece and took full advantage of the aesthetic landscapes and buildings to take some photos in it. Now the difficult thing is that I don’t really want to be posting my little butt all over insta (my grandma follows me and I’m sure she doesn’t wanna see that, you know?) So I thought I’d take this opportunity to talk about my teeny tiny bikini and why I love it.

BeYou Mini is boutique swimwear label made in Barcelona and I wanted to add in their little paragraph from their “about” section because its cute:

“We are a mini team with big expectations and thrill. We have lived in a fashion world since we were very young. We belong to a family tradition where patterns, fabrics, creativeness and trends have been part of our lives.  We grew up surrounded by lingerie and bathing costumes. Throughout the years we have made this legacy ours and we have mixed with our passion for the Mediterranean, the sun and freedom. The results: Be You Mini; a concept that goes beyond the common bikinis. Be You Mini is attitude, is self-confidence, is elegance, is minimalism, is femininity and, above all, is a love story between the body and the sea.”


Now I know their bikinis are by no means cheap but I couldn’t help myself, I really wanted to get one and I’d had my eye on the Candela mini bikini for a while so I took the plunge – financial plunge that is. With my discount code it came to around €65 but I have no regrets! I absolutely love it and I wish I lived somewhere like Bali so I could wear it all the time. The quality is amazing and its really comfortable to wear, even being part of the itty bitty tittie committee *represent*, I felt confident! Tan lines are the bane of my LIFE when I get back from holiday, I just hate them but with these bikini bottoms in particular my tan lines were minimal which was fab. I did mix and match this bikini with other ones throughout the week too just so I didn’t get a crazy tan line from the super pretty Y back of the bikini top.


On this particular day, I paired my bikini with a simple silver body chain from asos! BeYou Mini have three different types of bikinis, mini, tiny and cheeky. Naturally, I went for tiny haha. But they have some beautiful styles and patterns that you should check out! I will definitely be treating myself to another one before I start travelling! Be sure to check them out on their website and their insta (Im on there hehe)

I hope you enjoyed having a read, Im sorry if you spat out your tea at the photos, my bad! Come back soon for more posts & videos! Stay peachy x


Currently I am… | Favourites

Reading: Nourishing Amelia – I started reading Amelia’s blog a while ago now, after I saw her posting it on Facebook. We have mutual friends and I think we must have become Facebook friends years ago but as soon as I read her story and why she started her blog, I knew I wanted to read on. Amelia recent won vegan blog of the year which is amazing and she really deserves it. Her story and her content are all incredible so please go and check her blog out! It is full of healthy recipes and lifestyle posts and is always an interesting read. Find her blog here.

Wearing: Oversized Vintage Adidas Jumper – I won’t lie, I brought this a few weeks ago and I have been living in it! I found it in Beyond Retro in Brighton and instantly fell in love. If you know me, you know Im a huge fan of the baggy jumper so this was just a dream. If Im just at home I usually just wear it on its own (no shame) but if I’m wearing it out i’ll pear it with some leggings and my flower choker from Ariana Grande’s lipsy collection.

Eating/Drinking: Peppermint Tea – I used to drink peppermint tea all the time and somehow got out of the habit when life got a little crazy and coffee was just about strong enough to get me through my coursework! I recently got back into starting my day with a peppermint tea and I love it! I feel so good when I’ve had a cup and its so good for you. I have started trying to have one a day, normally in the morning with or before my breakfast.

Listening To: Frank Ocean Channel Orange – I’ve been throwing it back to channel orange this week whilst eagerly awaiting the new album to drop on Spotify. Please hurry Frank, for everyone’s sake!

Scrolling Through: Sabo Skirt – Saboskirt

Watching: Ebony Day Vlogs – Ebony’s Vlog Channel

August Reflection | A Monthly Video

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 22.17.02.png

Hello my little angels! So today I have a new video for you… I was planning on starting to film weekly videos for my channel but I failed (miserably) during August. By the end of the month I somehow managed to get enough footage to create a monthly montage for you! It starts with a little snippet of my holiday to Greece but you can find the full travel diary here. It then goes in to a sneak peak at Archie’s birthday party which was so much fun. We created a fort out of blankets in the garden with loads of cute decorations and a BBQ!

Then the video goes in to short “day in the life” vibe section which was really fun to film. It is just a little insight into what I got up to on one of my days off and thats really the sort of style i’d be filming weekly videos in (unless I do something exciting) so if you liked that then let me know! The film ends with my recent trip to F.R.I.E.N.D.S.Fest in London which was SO much fun! Lou, Megan, Archie, Beth and I spend the day walking around the park, looking around Monica’s apartment, recreating the opening sequence and having a boogie in the silent disco. This was my first silent disco, but definitely not my last… What a blast that was! There was lots I didn’t film in August that I should have, like going to watch Suicide Squad and my trip to Brighton but starting from today, Im going to try and film enough to get weekly videos made for you all in preparation for christmas (I know, I said the word already…) Louise and I have been talking *talking being the key word, don’t hold me to this* about doing Vlogmas this year but turning them into weekly vlogs rather than daily because #DissertationYear is upon us!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy seeing what I got up to in August and I will be back with more videos very soon! Stay cute x

Watch the video here