August Reflection | A Monthly Video

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 22.17.02.png

Hello my little angels! So today I have a new video for you… I was planning on starting to film weekly videos for my channel but I failed (miserably) during August. By the end of the month I somehow managed to get enough footage to create a monthly montage for you! It starts with a little snippet of my holiday to Greece but you can find the full travel diary here. It then goes in to a sneak peak at Archie’s birthday party which was so much fun. We created a fort out of blankets in the garden with loads of cute decorations and a BBQ!

Then the video goes in to short “day in the life” vibe section which was really fun to film. It is just a little insight into what I got up to on one of my days off and thats really the sort of style i’d be filming weekly videos in (unless I do something exciting) so if you liked that then let me know! The film ends with my recent trip to F.R.I.E.N.D.S.Fest in London which was SO much fun! Lou, Megan, Archie, Beth and I spend the day walking around the park, looking around Monica’s apartment, recreating the opening sequence and having a boogie in the silent disco. This was my first silent disco, but definitely not my last… What a blast that was! There was lots I didn’t film in August that I should have, like going to watch Suicide Squad and my trip to Brighton but starting from today, Im going to try and film enough to get weekly videos made for you all in preparation for christmas (I know, I said the word already…) Louise and I have been talking *talking being the key word, don’t hold me to this* about doing Vlogmas this year but turning them into weekly vlogs rather than daily because #DissertationYear is upon us!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy seeing what I got up to in August and I will be back with more videos very soon! Stay cute x

Watch the video here


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