BeYou Mini | Cheeky Bikini Review

**WARNING – This mini bikini really is mini so prepare your eyes for some serious cheek!


I was asked to be a BeYou Mini bikini ambassador a while ago now but living in England, I never had the chance to wear it or to take any tropical, insta worthy pics! I finally got to take it for a spin during my recent trip to Greece and took full advantage of the aesthetic landscapes and buildings to take some photos in it. Now the difficult thing is that I don’t really want to be posting my little butt all over insta (my grandma follows me and I’m sure she doesn’t wanna see that, you know?) So I thought I’d take this opportunity to talk about my teeny tiny bikini and why I love it.

BeYou Mini is boutique swimwear label made in Barcelona and I wanted to add in their little paragraph from their “about” section because its cute:

“We are a mini team with big expectations and thrill. We have lived in a fashion world since we were very young. We belong to a family tradition where patterns, fabrics, creativeness and trends have been part of our lives.  We grew up surrounded by lingerie and bathing costumes. Throughout the years we have made this legacy ours and we have mixed with our passion for the Mediterranean, the sun and freedom. The results: Be You Mini; a concept that goes beyond the common bikinis. Be You Mini is attitude, is self-confidence, is elegance, is minimalism, is femininity and, above all, is a love story between the body and the sea.”


Now I know their bikinis are by no means cheap but I couldn’t help myself, I really wanted to get one and I’d had my eye on the Candela mini bikini for a while so I took the plunge – financial plunge that is. With my discount code it came to around €65 but I have no regrets! I absolutely love it and I wish I lived somewhere like Bali so I could wear it all the time. The quality is amazing and its really comfortable to wear, even being part of the itty bitty tittie committee *represent*, I felt confident! Tan lines are the bane of my LIFE when I get back from holiday, I just hate them but with these bikini bottoms in particular my tan lines were minimal which was fab. I did mix and match this bikini with other ones throughout the week too just so I didn’t get a crazy tan line from the super pretty Y back of the bikini top.


On this particular day, I paired my bikini with a simple silver body chain from asos! BeYou Mini have three different types of bikinis, mini, tiny and cheeky. Naturally, I went for tiny haha. But they have some beautiful styles and patterns that you should check out! I will definitely be treating myself to another one before I start travelling! Be sure to check them out on their website and their insta (Im on there hehe)

I hope you enjoyed having a read, Im sorry if you spat out your tea at the photos, my bad! Come back soon for more posts & videos! Stay peachy x



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