Multi-Masking | A Quick Fix



Today Im going to be talking to you all about “multi-masking”, its benefits and my current favourite routine. Ive been seeing this new trend around for a while now and finally decided to give it a try myself. I was sceptical at first because I wasn’t sure about mixing the different masks incase it irritated my skin but looking back now I can see how stupid that was for me to think! This is the most logical way to do things!

Lets start with what it actually is. Its pretty self explanatory really, you use different masks on different areas of your face depending on what that section of your skin needs. It is the perfect way to ensure your skin is well balanced and getting all the goodness it needs to remain healthy and glowing. Think about it, different areas of your face can be different skin types right? Mine for example is oily/combination in my T-Zone but sensitive everywhere else… Take a second to think about your own skin and what each section is like? Multi-masking is the ultimate answer to this problem, simply chose a few masks that you need and apply to each part of your face that needs it… It’s that easy!


Ok so Multi-masking 101… Im currently loving this combination in the photo above which is a purifying charcoal and calming clay duo. Quick Fix Facials is a brand I discovered a while ago and I really enjoy using them. Not only are they super affordable but I can actually see the difference in my skin when I use them which is the main reason I keep reaching for them over and over again. They have a whole variety of masks and scrubs for all different skin types and you can find them in most Boots stores.


I start by applying the “Purifying Charcoal Mask” to my T-Zone area using a flat foundation brush to do so. I have found that using a brush is way more effective and hygienic (ensuring its clean before use obviously) and its also very easy to apply the mask evenly over the face. My T-Zone is where I usually get most oily throughout the day and is also where most layers of make up is applied (when using primer, foundation, highlighting concealer, powder etc) so I like to give this area of my face a deep cleanse every few days. This mask contains active charcoal which is perfect for transforming congested and lifeless skin – making this the ideal mask for my T-Zone area. The active charcoal is full of minerals which helps to draw out any dirt and toxins from the skin, leaving it feeling fresh and clear.


As you can see in the photo above, I have covered everywhere I needed the charcoal mask to be. The mask doesn’t have to be too thick but just enough to cover everywhere without leaving any gaps! Now this is where It gets fun. After cleaning your foundation brush or grabbing a new one, you can move on to the second mask.


My second mask is the “Calming Clay Mask” which is typically for sensitive and red-prone skin. As I said before, the rest of my face can get quite sensitive so this mask is perfect for soothing that but I also get a lot of red patches, especially around my cheekbone area so this will help that problem too. Now If you had a third type that you wanted to mask, you would just add that step in after this one and you’ll be good to go! This mask contains oatmeal which is used to to rehydrate and moisturise skin – this can be the cause of some redness and sensitivity. It also contains aloe vera which calms any inflammation in the skin and it also contains chamomile extract which combats redness. So all together this mask is a powerhouse for reducing redness and sensitivity in your skin, which I know can be annoying on a daily basis!


Multi-masking would be really fun with bright coloured masks! This is the finished “look” for mine. Once I’ve finished applying my masks I’ll also apply some lip balm, pour myself a glass of water and I’m ready to relax for a while. I usually leave this on for around 10 minutes and the rinse it off with a flannel and some warm water. Hot water can be harmful and irritate the skin which would undo all your hard work so remember to not make your water too hot!


Thats all for my multi-masking 101! I used these masks as part of an evening routine/get unready with me video over on my YouTube channel which you can watch here. I hope this was helpful for you and I hope you enjoyed reading! Let me know your favourite face masks and remember to head over to my YouTube and subscribe! See you all again soon – Stay cute x


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