Back To Uni |Staying Productive and Organised


It’s that time of year again guys… Back to uni/school/college! After a long summer of no coursework, it is officially crunch time once again. Get ready to whip out the notebooks because I am here to relieve you of that back to school stress. Today I wanted to share with you my top tips for staying organised and being productive when it comes to school/uni work. When I was in school, there was nothing worse than coming home at the end of the day – exhausted from the utter chaos that is maths and science – and looking at how much homework that I had due in THE NEXT DAY! I always used to leave my homework to the very last minute, sometimes even finishing it in the class it was set by (relatable right?). I got a bit better at this when I went to college, mainly because I was then doing subjects that I enjoyed and was actually interested in. But my time management wasn’t always on point and there was a lot of times where I completely lost motivation. Now, in university, I have finally cracked the code of productive badass-ness. Now this has happened just in time as I’m about to dive into the hectic ocean of dissertation year! So lets get down to it;

  1. To Do Lists & Setting Daily Goals – This is probably the most essential part of my daily routine. Make a to do list for each subject that you have coursework for and tick them off one at a time. If you have things to do for a project, make a to do list for that too and set yourself a deadline for when you need to complete it by. Remember to be realistic with your to do lists though. Setting daily goals really helps me with this if I have a super long list, so I tell myself I need to tick at least 5 things off today for example. Making these lists and setting realistic goals for your work each day will help keep you on top of everything so you don’t fall behind or get caught out missing a piece of work or handing something in late – we’ve all been there!
  2. Plan Your Day – This goes hand in hand with the first point really. Planning your day out will help you schedule enough time to get your to do list completed for that day. It can also ensure that you get enough sleep in the night and this will in turn, help you feel awake and productive for the day ahead. Take a minute to sit and write your to do list for the following day before you go to bed, this will help clear your mind so you can sleep easier as well as setting you up for tomorrow.
  3. Stay Hydrated – This sounds almost too obvious but drink enough water! Staying hydrated is so important for your health in general but will also help boost your energy and concentration levels. Keep a refillable bottle with you throughout the day and just keep topping it up when you can.
  4. Power Snacks NOT Power Naps – This might sound like blasphemy to some of you but napping throughout the day isn’t always a good idea. When you start to feel fatigued and sluggish mid afternoon, when you get back from your last class of the day, resist the urge to collapse on your bed in a heap and head to the fridge instead. Having a snack that is full of nutrition and goodness will give you that pick-me-up the you’ll need to get you through your homework until dinner time.
  5. Taking Regular Breaks – Now this one applies more to college and uni students but if you’re at school and you have a mammoth homework task then this one is also for you! I work from home a lot on my course and I have a habit of powering through my coursework for hours straight, feeling completely dead afterwards. Taking a 5 minute break every hour or so will really help you get through the task easier and stop you feeling like a zombie by the time you finish it. This works especially well when the dreaded deadline is approaching. Take a few minutes to grab a drink, make a snack or just to rest your body before carrying on for another stint. This is also important for your eyes of you’re on a computer or laptop  for a long time.
  6. Motivational Music – I know some people like to work in silence but personally I find that having a good playlist full of upbeat songs helps keep me motivated and keeps the good vibes going! Most of you will probably already have playlists but if you don’t then make one with songs that you are loving at the moment. Not only will this keep you upbeat but dancing and singing along to all your fave songs can make even the most painfully boring homework more bearable!

Those are my top tips for back to school motivation, I hope some of them are helpful for you! If you’re already back at school, I hope its going well and if you’re about to go back then good luck! Make this year the best one yet – Stay cute x


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