UPDATE | Where Have I Been?!

I know I know… Im SO sorry I haven’t posted in a while, life got a little hectic but don’t worry because I am back! Lets have a little catch up on what’s new shall we?

Firstly, I started back at uni at the end of September/beginning of October and I was trying hard to get ahead with my work because I knew I would be out of action completely for at least two weeks mid October (I’ll get to that in a second) which is why I wasn’t able to post earlier in the month. My days were consisting of sketchbook work, research and getting my life in order so I wasn’t stressing to much about what was coming up… I wanted to plan some posts and edit my September Reflection video but there just wasn’t time which was a bit annoying!

Anyway, the thing I was preparing for was a relatively small – but still a bit scary – operation that I had on the 10th October which happened to be my little sister’s birthday! It was to see if I had something called Endometriosis which luckily I didn’t have but the recovery process was still really uncomfortable and took a lot longer that I hoped it would. It has taken me about two and a half weeks to feel relatively human again and this is why I’ve finally been able to write this post and edit a video that should have gone up almost three weeks ago! (sorry, my October Reflection video will be up on time I promise).

Other small things and fun facts that I can update you on….

  • I filmed and edited my boyfriend’s mum’s wedding video of you want to check that out! Watch it here
  • I’ve ordered new glasses that I’ll have to wear basically full time cos I’m blind and I’m obsessed with them.
  • Im taking my little sister to see The 1975 in December so look out for a gig night GRWM and probably a video too.
  • We are throwing a halloween party at my uni house and a halloween make up tutorial will be on its way to you very soon hopefully!
  • Oh, its no biggie but I GOT ARIANA GRANDE DANGEROUS WOMAN TOUR TICKETS, but you know, Im pretty chill about it…*cries*

Thats pretty much it for the life update! Again I’m really sorry for the break but I’m back and I have a new video for you to go and watch… My September Reflection video is now live! I hope you all are having a lovely day, enjoy the video! Stay cute x


Watch the video here


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