NEW VIDEO | What I Got For Christmas

My what I got for christmas video is now live on my youtube channel!


VLOGMAS | Week Four

The final week of vlogmas was probably the busiest week of the year so far! I was really ill over christmas (still ill lol *cries*) hence not much vlogging, but here is what I got up to during the final countdown to christmas 2016!

VLOGMAS | Week Two

Morning everyone! Now I know that this is SO late but I had problems with my Mac and storage space and Premiere (If you know, you know) but its all okay because we are BACK and vlogmas is in full swing! I hope you enjoy my second week of Vlogmas, only two videos left until CHRISTMAS! My level of festive feels at this current time is waking up with Jingle Bells already in my head… Not even ashamed – Living for Christmas!


Hey everyone! Im doing weekly vlogmas this year and I’m so excited to finally be in a place where I’m confident enough to do it. Im uploading weekly rather than daily because I don’t have a vlogging camera yet so everything I film is with my normal one (And it isn’t easy to film myself haha – but I do try…) I really hope you enjoy watching them, do leave a comment if you like them! Remember to subscribe so you’re notified each time I upload… Here is vlogmas week one: