Update | Portfolio, Work & Christmas Plans!

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Hello again! two posts in one day, lucky you! I just wanted to update everyone on daily life stuff really! So I’ve officially finished uni for christmas now which is exciting, means I can do lots of overtime at work to save for Olivia *see previous post* and I can get more films/shoots done too!! To round up this term, my course put together an exhibition of our work to show case on the 4th December. We had five days to plan and put together the exhibition and during this time I made a short film to document the process, which was really fun! Watch it here! Im not sure if I’ve mentioned before but I work in House of Fraser and I love it! I love the place, the people, so much fun… I started in October, currently a christmas temp but hopefully they’ll keep me on!!

Other fun stuff that’s happened recently… It was mine and Jack’s FOUR YEAR anniversary at the beginning of this month and he took me for dinner at Cotê in Kensington! The food was so so so good, if you get a chance to go, do it!! It was such a beautiful, cosy restaurant and I can’t wait to go back again! Ive also recently started an online portfolio for all of my creative/industry/uni work to send out to employers and companies and I’m actually really proud of it so far! *photo above is a little taster* I don’t have a huge amount of work on there but I can build that up over time. Go have a look if you’re interested, find it here!

I’ll be travelling all over the place this christmas with Jack. We’re at his to begin with, and then we have four different christmases to go to over that week and i’ll be filming the whole thing so watch out for that!! Head on over to my YouTube channel and subscribe so you can keep up to date with new videos!




What Demi Did: Family Trip and Birthday Bouncing!

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So last weekend I had a lot on, and most of my weekend was going to be really fun so I thought I would take my camera and make a little film so you guys could come along too! I has such a good weekend, hope you like the film!

Whipsnade Zoo: I absolutely love going to the zoo, any zoo (as long as there’s elephants because they’re ma fave!) As you can tell from the video, I spent a lot of my day in the butterfly house because it was just incredible to experience. It was like being in the middle of a tropical rainforest… If you ever get the chance to go to a butterfly house… GO! I am now inspired to have my own butterfly house when I’m rich, living in a big beautiful house (I can dream). The whole zoo was huge and was a really clean, friendly, fun environment. Perfect to take kids, me and my dad took my little sister and little step brother and they had the best time! The views from some of the cafe’s are stunning too, so its really worth a visit!

Gravity Force: This place was SO COOL.. If you love trampolining or just love fun sporty days out then this is the place for you. Its a huge trampoline park, the whole floor and walls are trampolines and you just bounce everywhere! There’s also slam dunk strips, dodge ball and a foam pit(they’re really funny to get out of) so there is something for everyone! We went for Beth’s birthday (shoutout to you Beth) and we had the best time!

Christmas Break Film

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This was my first film made with the camera i got for christmas, it is a montage of all the things i got up to over the christmas holidays, including a weekend in Grantham with my boyfriend and family which was just beautiful! If you enjoy please thumbs up and subscribe!