Collaborations | Bethany Atalya

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So I moved into my new uni house on September 1st, and this is when I met my lovely housemate and new main gal Beth. Beth is a super talented fashion blogger/model/fashion marketing student and we’ve worked together a lot on her blog and look books, so I thought I’d share a few bits we’ve done so far.

We’ve made a few look books;

Winter Coat Essentials

Schott Clothing Collab

We’ve also done some photography on her blog for various outfit posts which you’ll be able to see of you click the link below!

Bethany Atalya

We also have a lot planned for the near future. There will be a lot more look books and photography for beth’s blog but she will also be modelling for a short film I have in the works at the moment so stay tuned for that!


Portfolio Shoot with Katelyn

A few days ago I did a location shoot and film with my friend and aspiring model Katelyn. She was going to paris to go round agencies so we updated her portfolio and I thought i would make a short film at the same time! (Post pending) The day was really fun, the weather was beautiful and the images came out really nice. We shot in a pretty woodland local to where we both live, luckily we didn’t see many people so ballsy Katelyn could change outfits easily in the trees (props to you girl) and there wasn’t much awkward waiting around for people to get out of the shot which is always fun! I wish Katelyn all the luck in the world in Paris, she deserves it! Here are a few of my favourites from the day: