Product Review: MyProtein Whey Impact Protein

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I absolutely love my protein shakes after my gym sessions and MyProtein is my go-to brand. The flavours I currently have in my cupboards are Vanilla, Chocolate and White Chocolate, which I share with my gym partner Louise (check out her blog and youtube). My current favourite is the chocolate shake, it tastes amazing! they all taste great but if you’re a chocolate fan like Louise and I then the chocolate one is for you! I have a shake when I get home from a workout and they’re great because they’re filling which keeps me from snacking on unhealthy things throughout the day .There are so many flavours to try and so many different products,  find MyProtein’s website here!


Product Review: Frank Body Scrub


This product was a birthday present from my beautiful friend and fellow blogger Megan, check out her blog here! Let me tell you, this product is AMAZING! It is perfect for use all over your body and leaves your skin feeling so soft and refreshed. If you’re a coffee lover like me then you will absolutely love the smell of this scrub because ground coffee is the main ingredient in this one! Here is a break down of the simple natural ingredients:

Roasted and Ground Robusta Coffee Blend – this scrubs away any dry, flakey skin and targets any imperfections on your face and body

Brown Sugar and Sea Salt – this ingredient is perfect for cleansing and clarifying your skin

Cold-Pressed Almond Oil – this will smooth and moisturise your skin for that perfect silky finish after your bath or shower

Frank Body is an Australian brand and all of their products are made in Australia and vegan friendly for all you vegan babes out there! It smells INCREDIBLE, it literally smells like your scrubbing fresh ground coffee all over your body (essentially that is what you’re doing but hey!). I really recommend tho product for anybody who is looking for a new go to body scrub, with all natural ingredients and an amazing smell with beautiful results, you can’t go wrong!

The coffee scrub is from the ‘Tough’ body range, there is also ‘Gentle’, ‘Clean’ and ‘Smooth’ and all products look amazing and I would love to try them all.

They don’t just do coffee scrubs in the Tough range, they also have a variety of other products, (I’ll link everything below for you to check out) like coconut, cacao,  and peppermint scrubs(sounds amazing!)

Check out their website here and get buying! These products also make lovely gifts for friends and family as well as a little pamper present to yourself… Because we all need some TLC every now and again right?!