Rhinoplasty Experience | The Big Day & Recovery

Hello guys, here we are (finally) with part 2 of 2 in the Rhinoplasty experience chapter in this funny little life of mine. I would first like to apologise for how long this post has taken, I have no reason as to why… Apart from life just got in the way! I have had a lot of questions since my last post, thankyou to all of you that got touch, it was so sweet! I made a video of my experience too, which I will link at the end, thats A lot more chatty but for now lets go from the top…

So I woke up at 6am on the morning of my surgery, weirdly feeling completely at ease. The only stress I was experiencing was wanting to smash my mac to pieces as it wasn’t uploading a video I needed to submit for a uni deadline! We left around 6.30, overnight bag packed, fresh faced, hair in plaits, all ready for the adventure ahead. We arrived just after 7am and I filled out my paperwork in reception before being taken through to my private room to settle in and get changed in to my gorgeous gown and stylish socks;


When I was settled, it was just a case of waiting around for my turn. Now i’ll be honest, this wasn’t exactly the worst thing considering my room came fully equipped with wifi, a tv and loads of comfy pillows! The nurse came in a few times to do some tests and then Dr Lahoud came in to see me and we went over everything one last time before I went down. Eventually the nurse came to get me and we walked down together to the anaesthetic room where I waited to go into theatre. Walking into theatre and lying myself down on the operating table was by far the strangest experience of my life. Everyone was really nice and before I knew it I was asleep and it was finally time to make the biggest change of my life.

After what felt like 5 minutes, I was waking up in recovery and everything was very loud and I struggled to keep my eyes open. Naturally, being me, I managed to get in another 10 minutes nap before waking up properly. Waking up in that recovery room was a moment I will never forget because a feeling came over me that I can’t fully explain. It was a mixture of relief, excitement and mostly a weight lifted from my shoulders. I had finally done something that I had wanted to do for so many years and I nearly cried. I was wheeled back up to my room where my mum and step dad were waiting for me. Obviously mum got her phone out straight away to take pictures… BUT I wasn’t looking to bad at first! Here is a very happy, anaesthetic filled Demi fresh out of surgery;


I had no pain at all and was starting to wake up properly at this point… I just felt weird because I was completely congested and my voice sounded funny but apart from that I actually felt pretty good. Then, after about 2 hours the bruising started to come out…


My mum went home a few hours later and in that time, I had iced my face a few times and Dr Lahoud came in to check on me and told me that everything went perfectly and he was happy with how it all went, which was good to hear whilst holding gloves filled with ice over my eyes! The nurse came in every 2 hours to check my blood pressure and change my bandage if needed. Then it was dinner time and it was SO GOOD. I even had double pudding because of the princess that I was… Eating was difficult because moving my mouth to chew was a bit uncomfortable but more than that, my top lip was so swollen that I couldn’t move it anyway! It was a very restless night because breathing wasn’t easy and I was waking up every 5 minutes for water because my mouth was literally the sahara. The nurse was also coming in every 2 hours through the night and I just ended up watching a lot of family guy! At 4am the inevitable packing removal took place and I was nervous for this part. I was convinced that it was going to really hurt, but at 4am on no sleep I was past caring. It was nowhere near as bad as I thought it was going to be and it didn’t actually hurt, it just felt like a weird, uncomfortable pressure that was over in seconds. I was able to breathe a tiny bit through my nose after that which was nice but that luxury soon ended! That morning I tried to eat some breakfast but the swelling made it quiet difficult. This was the bruising situation after breakfast;


My dad came to pick me up that morning and as soon as I was given the all clear, we set off home with my bandage supplies in hand. From when I got home to when I went to get my cast off, I just relaxed all week in bed or on the sofa. I was in no pain at all and didn’t have to take a single pain killer which was amazing! I watched the rest of gossip girl and drank a lot of tea and thats pretty much it! Below are my day 3, 4 and 5 post op bruising;

 So as you can see, the bruising got pretty bad and my face got very swollen haha. It all escalated very quickly but it also went down super fast all thanks to arnica tablets and cream!

One week had passed before I knew it and it was finally the day of the big reveal. Getting on the train and tubes with a cast on and black eyes was possibly the most awkward thing ever. I just had to look down at the floor the whole time and hide behind my dad when we were walking to transform through Oxford Street. I honestly wanted to cry, I basically ran there! I wasn’t really nervous at this point, I just wanted the cast off because it was driving me crazy! The most annoying thing was having an itch under the cast and not being able to get to it… but it was finally time to see my new nose and I was beyond excited. Having the actual cast off was a little uncomfortable but wasn’t really painful. It just felt like a lot of pressure. Then it was time to take the stitches out my septum and let me tell you… Ive never experienced pain like it. My eyes were STREAMING but it didn’t last long so I survived haha. But for real, I never want to experience that again, it was like being stung by a wasp in your septum (sorry). When that drama was over, I was handed a mirror and I saw myself for the first time. I stared in silence for a few seconds because I was so stunned by how different I looked. It took me a while to adjust to my new face after knowing my old face for the past 20 years. It was a very surreal time for me but I was so happy already, despite being so swollen and still bruised. When the shock wore off, I obviously needed to take my first swollen selfie to send to the girls and Jack;


As you can see, it was reallyyyyyy swollen at this point but every day after that the welling went down and it looked more and more how I imagined each day. Im going to end this post with a before and after photo. This photo signifies so much for me and means more than I could ever explain. Im already over the moon with my results and I still have healing to do! Thank you so much to Transform for changing my life and thankyou to everyone who helped, supported and looked after me along the way!


Watch the video here


Rhinoplasty: The Consultations


Hey friends! I wanted to do a few posts to explain the process of my rhinoplasty because there are a lot of blog posts and videos on recovery but not so many on what the consultation process is like…. So from the top! I booked a consultation with transform back in October 2015. I put my details in on their website and I was surprised to get a call from them within MINUTES of me clicking the “book” button which I was super impressed with. I spoke to a lovely lady called Tracey, we had a nice little natter about what I’m looking to change, when I was wanted to do it and what the next steps would be.

I then went up to the New Cavendish Street Clinic in London for my initial consultation with a patient care co-ordinator and I was a little nervous but mostly excited. It felt weird because I was finally starting this process that I had wanted for so long! I met Tiffany, my patient care co-ordinator and she was lovely! She answered all of my questions, it was so helpful to finally meet someone who totally understood what I wanted and why I wanted it. We discussed the cost, possible dates for the procedure and the surgeon she thought would be best for me. Its nice to have a patient care co-ordinator who’s previously had the procedure herself because she knew exactly how I felt and the journey that I was about to go on. I was paired with Dr Lahoud who is one of the best in the business and a top surgeon at Transform! I went ahead and booked a consultation with him for two months time which was in December. I felt so at ease when I left my consultation with Tiffany, I had all my questions answered and I knew I could start to focus and get saving!

On my surgeon’s consultation day with Dr Lahoud, we went through every detail of the procedure and agreed on a realistic and achievable outcome. The whole meeting went really well and I learned so much. First, he had a look at my nose and knew exactly what I wanted done, without me having to say a word! He went over what was achievable and what wasn’t,  possible risks, pre/post op, all of that fun stuff! We decided that he was going to shave down the bridge and refine the tip which is exactly what I was hoping for. He then took some before photos against the wall, front on and profile views so we can compare when I’m all healed! After that, we went through the process from my pre op, to the actual procedure to aftercare and I was totally happy with everything he said.

After that appointment, I went away and saved my ass off for the next few months before FINALLY booking my procedure date at the end of March for May 11th! I was then counting down the days getting more and more excited for the big day to arrive! The next appointment I made was for my pre op, which was one week before by op. Now this is the most simple appointment of the lot. You get weighed, measured and they go through all of your medical records and ask any questions they need. This is also when your official “before” photos are taken which was cool.

The last appointment I had was two days before my procedure date and this was a second surgeon’s consultation with Dr Lahoud. This isn’t something that you have to have but I just felt like I needed to go over everything one more time because it had been nearly 5 months since my first meeting with him. This time I took my dad along with me which was really nice for me to have that support. Apart from watching him squirm at the details of the operation, I think he left feeling more at ease knowing I was in good hands! (Sorry Dad!) After that I had to get home and start packing because I was going to be staying at my mum’s for a week or so whilst recovering. My next rhinoplasty post will be about the big day and recovery so stay tuned for some really attractive pictures of my swollen face 😀

(There are so many things I could talk about when it comes to my rhinoplasty journey. Everything from planning, packing, the big day, recovery, having the cast off… so much! So if anybody wants me to make a video/Q&A type thing then that could be easier… Lemme know!)




Rhinoplasty: Who? What? Where?

Throughout my journey so far, I have been all over the internet researching clinics, surgeons, the procedure, recovery, the whole lot! I feel like I know so much more about rhinoplasty then I knew about any subject at school… But that isn’t a bad thing I guess. I spend a hell of a lot of my spare time on google looking for new blogs to read, new clinics to research or on youtube watching people vlog their journeys and I found that this really helped me and prepared me for what Im about to get myself in to!

Lets start with my top clinics (These are in the UK):

1] Transform – Their site gives you so much information, answers all your questions and even have videos of what your experience with them will be like, which I thought was awesome! They also have a TV show on channel 4seven called “Bums, boobs and botox” which I love. Your initial consultation with them is free, as is your second consultation with your surgeon. Their prices for a rhinoplasty procedure starts from £3000 but obviously, the more you want done, the more you need to be prepared to pay more.

2] McIndoe – I came across this clinic when I was researching different surgeons. One of the surgeons I’ve read amazing things about is Dr Paul Banwell and he happened to perform cosmetic surgery procedures at McIndoe Surgical centre, East Grinstead, which happens to be pretty close to where I live now I’m home from uni. Rhinoplasty prices start from £4050 here, but for such a skilled professional surgeon, I’d rather pay more to know I’m in good hands.

3] Harley Medical Group –  Being one of the best clinics and being based in central london, you’re looking at a more expensive procedure. Starting price of £4250. But I’ve heard nothing short of amazing reviews from past patients. With some of the top surgeons in the UK, I will definitely be booking a consultation here!

Ive spent hours and hours on their websites, and this really helped me. You can download/request their brochures for further information, request a call back to talk to someone on the phone if you have questions, or to book your consultations. Another thing I found really interesting and helpful was reading people’s blogs about their journeys.

Here are a few that helped/guided me:

Lulutrixabelle and Rhiannon Langley are my favourite two. There are so many but these two stood out for me and if you’re not a huge reader then at least try these two… now I’m not a huge reader myself and I much prefer to watch a video or listen to someone talk so youtube was my go to thing when I wanted to see other people’s journeys. Im sure some of you will be familiar with youtuber Meghan Rienks (if you’re not, you should be!) Her 2014 vlogmas videos showed her journey through rhinoplasty and it was so good to watch, I’ve watched it an embarrassing amount of times, find it here. Other youtube vlogs I found helpful were:

SecretLifeOfaBioNerd, Allison Wilburn MUA, CosMediTour, Angel Makeup Artist and London Plastic Surgery are just a select few of the hundreds of videos I’ve watched on people’s rhinoplasty experiences. From seeing so many different people’s journeys, Ive learnt that you can’t predict what your recovery will feel like, how much you’ll bruise, if the cast and splint removal is painful or how long it will take for your bruising to go down because everyone recovers slightly differently. But knowing all the different possibilities really helps mentally prepare you for the experience and can help answer some of your questions before you see a consultant or surgeon.

I hope this post helps some of you, if you’re in-between stages, or just doing your initial research. If you want to chat with someone about anything to do with rhinoplasty and your journey then you can always email me or DM me on social media (find in my “About me” section) because I know it can be beyond difficult to handle all this information with nobody to talk to about it. Especially if the only people that know may not be 100% supportive which I know can be the case. If you have any different top clinics, let me know in a comment or email and i’ll check them out!

Rhinoplasty: ITS HAPPENING…

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 16.17.33

**Slightly different post but this is really personal to me and something that I want to do to help others… This is something I’ve wanted for as long as I can remember, its not something I’m doing for my friends, or family or boyfriend, I’m doing it for me and only me so please keep that in mind. This may come as a bit of a shock to most of you reading this (if you know me) and it might seem quite sudden, but its really not! The few people I have told have been really supportive and this feature on my blog is to help every single one of you to understand the process, why people want it, what you go through emotionally, and just a little insight to my personal experience. My new nose has been named Olivia (not by me) so if I ever refer to Olivia in future posts or videos, this is why! Whether you’re wanting to have it done yourself, or you know someone who is going through it, have a read 😀 **

ANYWAY, hey everyone!

So, as you’ve probably guessed from the title… Im finally getting my nose done!(eeekk)  For the past seven+ years I have been really unhappy with the size and shape of my nose I am finally starting to make the necessary steps to change that. This is something I always knew I would do, and now I’m finally in the position where I can make my own decision to do it which is super exciting! From reading so many other blog posts about this subject, I want to have a whole feature on my blog dedicated to my rhinoplasty journey so I can help people when they’re in my position.

My background story;

Ive always disliked my nose, ever since i was about 10/11 years old, but as I got to secondary school, I just started to hate it more and more. It’s something that bothers me on a daily basis because I see it all the time. I try to hide my nose in selfies(you may notice a strong “half face” theme on my instagram, the photo above is an example!), I get super uncomfortable in pictures with other people and I absolutely hate sitting in cars etc, anything where I know people can see my side profile. When I was really young, maybe 2 or 3 years old, I fell up some stairs in my garden and smashed the bridge of my nose on a brick step!(typical) I Now have a hump in the bridge of my nose that makes my nose look broken. The rest of my nose is all quite big too so all round… not great!! I started considering rhinoplasty when I was 14 years old, I started researching the procedures, clinics and prices but not too much because I was in school and so young that I wasn’t really sure what I was doing. In the last year or two I have been doing more extensive research and am finally starting the process properly. Ahh.

So this is a visual idea for you of what I’m working with right now (Im on the right obviously)


Thanks to the power of photoshop, below is an idea of what I ideally want(left) against what I have now(Right)


I just want the bridge to be thin, straight and ever so slightly curved, the tip to be smaller and thinner and everything just smaller and cuter! *praying*

So whats next?

Research! Ive already done mine but before you book any appointments, make sure you research as much as you possibly can!! My next post will help you with that if you feel a bit lost! Any questions, leave a comment or come and say hello on my social media! Stay tuneddddddd x